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LuggAgent Launches Same-Day Luggage Transport Service from Tokyo to Kansai

LuggAgent has launched a convenient new service starting May 6th, facilitating seamless luggage transportation from Tokyo to Kansai. While we've long provided luggage transport from Narita Airport to Tokyo hotels, a gap remained in offering a similar service from Tokyo to the Kansai region. Recognizing the anticipation within the travel industry for this service, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier luggage transport experiences. Simply leave your luggage at your hotel's reception desk in the morning, and we'll ensure it arrives at your Kansai hotel on the same day. Moreover, we also facilitate luggage transport from Kansai back to Tokyo. With a minimum of just 2 pieces, you can take advantage of our service. We're pleased to announce Dai-Ei Transport, led by President Ryuji Yamamoto, as our exclusive agent in Japan, bolstering our service standards and market coverage. This introduction marks a significant step in promoting the concept of traveling light in Japan, enticing more international travelers to explore the country. We eagerly anticipate providing you with an enhanced and more convenient travel experience.

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