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Integrate vertically, achieve the extraordinary.

As a conglomerate travel service group, we vertically integrate services such as transportation, accommodation,
dining, merchandising and sightseeing into a chain that creates more value than the sum of its parts,
providing high-end quality service. All this makes us a brand-new travel service group.


Energetic and ambitious.

All-out efforts to everything. Our dream and passion for work never change since the start of our busines.
Fearless and adventurous, we are a professional team with vision, passion and belief.


Challenge the endless

Developing business opportunities with multiple perspectives on the basis of travel to seek the infinite potentiality, we, Sanpu Travel Service, continue to create new business with the PDCA system(plan, do, check, act).

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Carefully selected products

Through strict control, our shops are trustworthy and provide various kinds of products from Taiwan-made handicrafts to international luxury goods. Among them, the Taiwan specialty, Oolong tea, has received warm welcome from the market


Green World Hotel      

With 17 hotels in our hotel group, we, Green World Hotels, welcome guests from all over the world at anytime.


Starting from here          

Established by the founder of Sanpu Group, we are promoting and connecting various of trading businesses starting from Taiwan to the world.


Security, safety, comfort

Our company is managed carefully to provide secure, safe and comfortable service to the travelers.


Creating the future of city & its people

Starting from the property management to the development of commercial buildings, we analyze real estates with unique perspectives, making strategical investment in the mid term and the long term .



Delicacy is our top priority

Whether budgeted restaurants for all generations or Chinese fusion cuisine prepared with high-end ingredients, we strive to provide top-quality cuisine to our guests.



Co-creating a wealthy society

Qianxi Social Welfare Charity, founded in 2006 by Chairman Hsieh Hsian Chi on the basis of the spirit "What is taken from the people will be used for the people.", cares for the minority and provides the children in remote mountain areas with relief service.

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