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Chairman Hsieh, Hsien-Chih

Master of Law of China Studies, Tamkang University

Bachelor of Law of the Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University

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Vice Chairman Hsieh, Tokiko

Director of Taipei Qianxi Social Welfare and Charity 

Japanese Council Supervisor

Director of Zhishan Foundation

University lecturer


Vice Chairman Hsieh, Chang-Cheng

President of Sanpu Travel Co., Ltd.

President of Funnow Japan Co., Ltd.

In light of the rapid change in the world economics and environment, we, Sanpu Travel Group, have obsoleted the old business model since its start-up in 1978, providing customers with diverse travel services through various channels.

With our experienced team, credible financial condition and responsive organization, we face the ever-changing world with flexibility, constantly making progress in the infinite possibility.

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