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Noritsu Group Invests in Wisdom Treasure International to Seize AI Imaging Opportunities

Noritsu Innovation’s Venture Capital Firm, Noritsu Asia Capital, Invests in Wisdom Treasure International to Capture AI Imaging Opportunities

In recent years, Noritsu Asia Capital, the venture capital arm of Noritsu Innovation, has been actively investing in AI-related industries. As AI technology sweeps across the globe and penetrates the consumer market, Noritsu Asia Capital has decided to invest in Wisdom Treasure International Development Co. to leverage its strengths in Japan's anime, gaming, and IP platforms, creating more operational and investment collaboration opportunities.

Wisdom Treasure International Development is a company specializing in the development and management of anime and gaming IPs. It has been operating in Japan’s ACG (Animation, Comics, and Games) market for a long time and has close connections with many Japanese industry companies. Due to its industry advantages in Japan, Wisdom Treasure International attracted a 31.5% equity investment from Taiwan Mobile in 2023.

Moreover, recognizing the labor-intensive nature of the animation design industry, Wisdom Treasure International has collaborated with leading domestic chip design companies to launch "AI Animation Assistant - AIFRED." This assistant integrates AI technology into the animation production process, automatically generating non-key frames, saving over 20% of animation production time, and achieving a hand-drawn animation effect of 60FPS through automatic in-between, thereby enhancing the smoothness and catchability of animations.

Based on these advantages, Wisdom Treasure International plans to go public next year. Meanwhile, Noritsu Asia Capital continues to seek out startups with technological potential worldwide. Its current investments cover smart healthcare, factory automation, and cloud services, including companies like WeiQian, JuYi Smart, XinDing, RuiSheng Optoelectronics, HuiCheng Smart Medicine, QiYi Technology, MeiSi Technology, and Wisdom Treasure International.

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