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The Taiwan Creative Content Agency Joins Forces with Japan's Asmik Ace and Xiangying Rongchuang to Strengthen the International Presence of Taiwanese Animation.

In a bid to promote the development and international expansion of original Taiwanese animated content, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (文策院) reached a cooperation agreement with Japan's Asmik Ace and Xiangying Rongchuang on March 28, 2024, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This collaboration aims to leverage the resources and experiences of all three parties to develop and produce promising original Taiwanese IP animated works, enhancing the international visibility and market competitiveness of these works.

Asmik Ace, a renowned Japanese film and entertainment company approaching its 40th anniversary, brings extensive experience in film, animation, and video game production and distribution.

Xiangying Rongchuang, a joint venture between Chi Mei Corporation International and the Taiwan Creative Content Agency, boasts rich experience in animation production and has successfully introduced Taiwanese IPs to the international market. Through this cross-border collaboration, both sides aim to elevate the influence of Taiwanese animation internationally and explore broader market opportunities.

Lu Jun-wei, Director of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency, stated that this collaboration will not only deepen the exchange between Taiwan and Japan in the animation industry but also propel Taiwanese original works onto the global stage. He looks forward to the fruitful cooperation among the three parties leading to the cultivation of more high-quality animated works recognized by the international market.

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