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The Taiwan Creative Content Agency Joins Forces with Japan's YTE and Xiangying Rongchuang to Assist Taiwanese Anime IPs in International Expansion.

To promote the development of original Taiwanese intellectual properties (IP) in the fields of comics and animation and to assist their entry into the international market, the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (文策院), Japan's YTE Co., Ltd., and Xiangying Rongchuang signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Tokyo, Japan. This multinational cooperation aims to enhance the international production and development capabilities of Taiwan's animation industry through resource sharing, technical exchange, and professional collaboration, and to expand the global influence of Taiwanese works through Japan's strong international distribution channels in the anime industry.

The collaborative efforts will focus on the assessment and development of original Taiwanese comic and animation works. A production committee will be jointly established, with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency, YTE, and Xiangying Rongchuang responsible for the development and production of works. YTE Co., Ltd., established in 1970, has been dedicated to the production and investment of diverse entertainment content, including well-known anime works such as Junji Ito's "Junji Ito Collection," and possesses extensive experience in the international market and a wide audience base.

Lu Jun-wei, Director of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency, and the collaborating partners emphasized that this cooperation will not only deepen the exchange between Taiwan and Japan in the animation field but also explore more comprehensive cooperation opportunities, including music, publishing, and other cultural industries. They hope that through the joint efforts of both sides, Taiwanese original content will reach international audiences, attracting more international partners to join and collectively promote the development of diverse industries.

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