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Three Works By Taiwanese Comic Artists Will Be Adapted Into Animations In Japan to Support the Overseas Expansion Of Original Content.

(Central News Agency, Taipei) - At a press conference held in Taipei on the 29th, it was announced that three works jointly created by Taiwanese comic artists and illustrators will be adapted into animations in Japan. This marks the first step of the "Sunlight Project," a Taiwanese overseas promotion initiative partially funded by the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA).

The upcoming animated works include "Sword Princess" (tentative title), conceptualized by Taiwanese illustrator Mr. ZELITTO and developed by TV Tokyo; "Becoming the Heart Snatcher," created by Mr. Lai Wei-Chih and Mr. Ni Tai, which has accumulated over 20 million reads on international webcomic platforms; and "Wanna Play! Taiwan Travel Club," serialized in the youth manga magazine Shonen Champion Retsu by Mr. Hayasi. This project is a joint venture between Wisdom Treasure International Development Co., which invests in ACG (Animation, Comic, Game) intellectual properties, and TAICCA.

Yang Kuo-Hsiang, General Manager of Wisdom Treasure International Development Co., stated that the goal of the project is to serve as a bridge between Taiwan's ACG industry and Japan, aiming to promote Taiwanese intellectual properties in Japan's critical ACG market.

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