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Zhibao International leverages the MediaTek platform to unleash the potential of Edge AI.

Zhibao International's latest AI animation assistant, AIFRED, integrates MediaTek's LoRA Fusion technology to swiftly generate high-quality images on PC or mobile devices. This technology combines the foundational model of Stable Diffusion v1.5 with LoRA fine-tuning, enabling devices to create specific characters. AIFRED's development not only meets industry standards in Animation, Comics, and Games (ACG), but also incorporates MediaTek's GenAI Security encryption technology to protect copyrights and prevent unauthorized copying and distribution.

Furthermore, Zhibao International collaborates with Zhongyong Technology to develop AI frame interpolation technology, significantly simplifying the animation production process and reducing the workload for animators. Through AIFRED, animators can focus on creative ideation for main scenes, while AI automatically completes other frames. This not only saves at least 20% of production time but also enhances the smoothness and detail of the animation. This technology is also applicable to other industries requiring image output, such as advertising, film and television, and gaming, thus advancing the quality and efficiency of the global ACG industry.

According to a report by Global View Research, the global animation market is expected to reach $60.07 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.8% from 2018 to 2030. Traditional animation production relies on frame-by-frame creation by animators, which is time-consuming and challenging to ensure both quality and efficiency. AIFRED's ability to automatically generate intermediate frames significantly reduces the workload for animators and improves the smoothness and quality of animation.

Zhibao International's AI technology, especially the development of AIFRED, not only enhances animation quality and output but also brings new momentum and opportunities to the ACG industry. Additionally, Zhibao International collaborates with JP GAMES and Zhongyong Technology to apply automatic generation technology to game development kits, greatly reducing 3D modeling time and expanding the possibilities of the gaming world. General Manager Lin Shixun stated that the development and application of these technologies will allow creators to focus more on innovation and creation, providing a leap in quality for ACG content production worldwide.

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